Wool Wash

Sudz are hand-crafted with organically processed oils from organically grown plants and pleasantly scented with the finest essential oils and quality fragrance oils. The oils used for these wool wash bars and liquid wool wash are carefully chosen for their mildness and gentle but thorough cleansing properties. With proper care, the wool wash bar is formulated to last and the liquid is concentrated to reduce waste. Ounce for oz, dollar for dollar, Sudz are superior. Click here for information from Sudz ní Dudz if you need help deciding which product you need, wool wash or straight lanolin, as well as other information on wool care.

Sudz ní Dudís recommends that as with any brand of wool wash, when washing dyed wool, check for colorfastness before using. Colors can be set by soaking the wool in a vinegar and water solution. Fragrance oils contain solvents which help them remain suspended in soaps and candles and as such are not recommended for dyed wool.

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